Meet a Literary Scout in Attendance: Tayler Hill of The Purcell Agency

Tayler Hill is an intern and literary scout at The Purcell Agency. At the 2024 Toronto event, she is taking pitches on behalf of her entire agency.

She is open to taking pitches on behalf of The Purcell Agency for the following genres:

  • middle grade
  • young adult
  • new adult
  • women’s fiction
  • book club fiction
  • speculative fiction (fantasy & sci-fi)
  • romantasy
  • children’s picture books
  • memoir
  • mystery
  • crime
  • thriller
  • contemporary/realistic fiction
  • dystopian
  • suspense
  • horror
  • romance
  • #ownvoices and LGBTQIA+

Tayler is a Canadian student and author based out of Toronto, Ontario. She holds a double degree in publishing and creative writing and has utilized her knowledge to make her dream of entering the publishing industry come true.

“I have been drawn to books for as long as I can remember. The closest thing to magic is words. If you think about it, only twenty-six letters rearranged in multiple ways can open endless doors to lands of love, fantasy, history, other galaxies, dimensions and more. There is so much rearranging these letters can do. Words can make our wounds feel seen; words can let us time travel; words can let us live thousands of different lives within one lifetime. As publishers, we have the power to open these doors for people with the books we put into the world, and what an influential gift that is.”

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