Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Olga Filina of The Rights Factory

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.17.44 AM.pngOlga Filina is an associate agent with The Rights Factory.

She is seeking: business, commercial contemporary, crime, historical, lifestyle, memoir, middle grade, mystery, romance, thriller, and young adult.

After more than a decade as a sales manager and book buyer for both national and independent book store chains, Olga graduated Humber’s Creative Book Publishing Program and spent two years as a literary assistant at The Cooke Agency, until she found her perfect home (and family!) at TRF.

While Olga will read anything that may set her book clubs on fire, she gravitates towards commercial and historical fiction, great genre fiction in the area of romance and mystery, non fiction in the fields of business, wellness, lifestyle and memoir and young adult and middle grade novels with memorable characters.

In her spare time, Olga sits on library boards, organizes literary festivals and runs more book clubs than she can count.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Emmy Nordstrom Higdon of The Rights Factory

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.20.58 PM.pngEmmy Nordstrom Higdon is a literary agent with The Rights Factory.

Emmy (they/them) is a PhD student at McMaster University, a bookseller at Another Story book shop, a blogger at Books Beyond Binaries, and a member of the planning team for the Festival of Literary Diversity. They are a trans non- binary colonizer originally from Newfoundland, now based in Tkaronto (Toronto, Ontario). Emmy keeps busy with research projects, spending time with their family (including adopted dogs and cats), embroidery, vegan cooking, and … obviously, a lot of reading.

Emmy grew up on fantasy novels and 90’s kidlit horror like Bunnicula and Goosebumps. They represent authors of literary, upmarket, and commercial fiction, and narrative nonfiction for adults and young adults. They specialize in #OwnVoices literature, particularly from the LGBTQ2S+ community.


“I am is particularly interested in work that is fast-paced, voicey, character driven, and accessible. Murder is my comfort read.”

Fiction for Adult and YA:

While atmospheric stories with lots of plot twists are my favourites, I’m eager to read literary fiction, feminist thrillers, book club, millennial, dark fantasy, paranormal horror, contemporary Gothic, and magical realism.

Nonfiction for Adult and YA:

On the nonfiction side, my interests include memoir, deep dive journalistic accounts, investigative true crime, activism, essay collections, and progressive political and social commentary. Please send me more nonfiction!

What I Love:

  • #OwnVoices stories with diverse representation, especially…
  • LGBTQ2S+, especially non-binary, trans, QTPOC
  • polyamory
  • disability, physical and/or psychiatric
  • autism spectrum
  • neurodivergence, especially plurality/multiplicity/DID
  • deafness, hard of hearing, sign language speakers, deafblind
  • sex work
  • Indigenous, especially living in what is currently called Canada
  • fat characters, body positivity
  • Millennial voices and characters (aka, “new adult”)
  • Morally ambiguous feminine protagonists
  • Accessible world building
  • Elderly feminine characters
  • Small/closed settings (think cult, island, exclusive boarding school, isolated town, etc.)
  • I have a soft spot for the ocean, and coastal settings in general
  • Anything spooky
  • Traditionally feminine sports (think ballet, cheerleading, roller derby, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Intense friendship stories
  • Hauntings of any flavour
  • Rich people problems, particularly if they come with pretty dresses
  • Stories rooted in (dark) folklore and fairytales






Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Lindsay Leggett of The Rights Factory

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 10.53.04 PM.pngLindsay Leggett is a literary agent with The Rights Factory.

Lindsay grew up in the frozen wilds of Northern Ontario, and turned a love of reading and writing into a passion for editing. After working for a variety of authors and publishers, she found a home at The Rights Factory.

Lindsay is focused on young adult, middle grade, and children’s books with unique, engaging, and diverse world’s and unforgettable characters. Within these kidlit realms, she would like to see horror, thriller, magical realism, fantasy, science fiction, LGBTTQIA+, #ownvoices.