Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Nicole Bezanson of Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 7.50.56 PM.pngNicole Bea is a literary agent at Metamorphosis Literary Agency. At the 2019 event, she will be taking pitches on behalf of both herself and all her co-agents at the agency.

Personally, Nicole seeks #ownvoices, contemporary fiction in ages 16+, and YA in all forms and genres, particularly with romance or mystery subplots. Manuscripts featuring animal appearances are always appreciated, cats and horses in particular, as are stories taking place in Canada.

Also, Nicole is happy to hear pitches for acquiring co-agents for the following:

  • romance in all age groups and genres
  • women’s fiction
  • contemporary stories in both adult and young adult
  • sports stories of any kind
  • Any kind of young adult fiction
  • paranormal (romance or not)
  • horror
  • general fiction
  • LGBTQ+
  • book club reads
  • adult science fiction and fantasy
  • thrillers

Nicole is a short story author & novelist who primarily focuses on contemporary teen fiction. An avid storyteller since childhood, she has honed her skills through a variety of different educational programs. When she isn’t busy updating her manuscript portfolio, she can usually be found reading, avoiding domestic chores, & pursuing her new hobby of learning how to cook. She & her husband share their home in Eastern Canada with a collection of disabled cats and a lifetime’s worth of books.



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